The Resistance Healing Clinic is a series of public programs responding to how self-care is excluded from the conversation of resistance. RHC is a long-term project designed to evolve, morph, and respond to relevant social issues during any point in time. Resisting regularly has become the expectation in America for marginalized and oppressed communities but at what cost? America's political climate actively contributes to resistance burnout, and burnout deeply impacts communities who are fighting daily for their right to exist. By providing resources for individuals to implement practical self-care routines into their lives, individuals can mitigate the severity of resistance burnout and heal from the political trauma of resisting and existing daily. This in turn will allow communities to become collectively healthier to maintain sustainable environments for their efforts of resistance.



The goal of The Resistance Healing Clinic, is to explore how activists, community organizers, and socially-engaged cultural producers and practitioners, plus allies, can implement self-care practices into their daily lives, which are relevant to them culturally and socioeconomically. The definition of self-care within this project is not tied to the contemporary, capitalistic definition and connotation of the word. The Resistance Healing Clinic strives to create a new definition and vision of self- care outside the terms set by the capitalist kyriarchy.



Megan Sparks is a social practice artist, poet, and art critic, and art administrator based in Houston, TX.  She is the founder and facilitator of The Resistance Healing Clinic. Her social practice explores the impact of cultural trauma on marginalized and oppressed communities. She strives to provide individuals and communities the opportunity to heal, re-frame their narrative, and create a new pedagogy for future generations. Through her experimental poetry, she explores her journey of healing from personal trauma and discovering self-compassion as a Black woman  within in the kyriarchal society of America. Her art critiques have been featured on Not That But This, a Houston-based arts and culture webzine. She has also been a participant in performances held at Aurora Picture Show, Project Row Houses, and Art League Houston.